Could be a Celebrity?

This week has seen the beautiful Forsythia(pictured here in my garden) come to its own. Not to be confused with Bruce Forsyth or any other celebrity for that matter. Forsythia is named in honour of William Forsyth a founding member of the Royal Horticulture Society. It's buds started forming early in March and have opened … Continue reading Could be a Celebrity?


They Call me Cam

Well no, actually camellia is its proper name and this year mine has produced vast amount of flowers much to my suprise. It's probably the first year that it's done so well considering I've had my own fair share of disasters in this respect. Between my husband and I we managed to kill our first … Continue reading They Call me Cam

Not just a daffodil

I've wanted to write a blog like since forever and even once had a stab at it but as with many things it didn't really take off. I kind of knew that whatever I wrote about would have to be about something I really loved or was passionate about so a few things came to … Continue reading Not just a daffodil