Could be a Celebrity?

This week has seen the beautiful Forsythia(pictured here in my garden) come to its own. Not to be confused with Bruce Forsyth or any other celebrity for that matter. Forsythia is named in honour of William Forsyth a founding member of the Royal Horticulture Society. It’s buds started forming early in March and have opened up to reveal the most dazzling yellow leaves.

Chances are if you live in the UK you’ll have passed by one of the forsythia plants these past few weeks. They are often a plant of choice by many gardeners as they offer an early show of Spring cheer. The one in my garden was planted by my father in-law over eight years ago. I however noticed this past two weeks that it had a distinct ‘bald head’ look, not that I have any issue with ‘bald’or ‘baldness’. But my observation was that the bright yellow leaves dominated the base of the plant leaving the top distinctly bare with the promise of more flowers appearing in the near future. The visible buds are only evidence I have to go on at present. Turns out I must have pruned it the wrong way last year, but again I was very pleased to hear my father in -law a gardener of over 60 years admit that his own forsythia plant looked exactly the same this year as mine. So I guess an amateur gardener like me is okay to make a few pruning errors.

Forsythias are a relatively easy plant to have in the garden but their bright yellow leaves don’t last very long, fading in late spring . The plant that remains serves as a type of evergreen backdrop for your garden. All you need to remember is that forsythia needs to be pruned in the autumn. Also in bloom this past week have been magnolias and blossom( pictured here) . Although I don’t have either of these last two plants in my garden , the floral display has been really striking again reminding me of the the beauty of creation. So while I said earlier that forsythias as not to be confused with a celebrity it turns out Bruce Forsyth, is indeed related to William Forsyth several generations down the line after all.


Copyright 2016 Rachel McIlvenna


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