Never too early to start

My garden is nothing like the show gardens at the Chelsea flower show this past week or those featured in gardeners’ world magazine , but maybe someday it’ll be. It’s however a place where my family and I can relax, we can plant and see things grow and can teach our child about nature, about creation and about the Creator.

About the C’s

Some people might describe this plant as a one hit wonder only flowering in May but to me it’s worth the wait. Although I’m yet to see a flush of second flowers as some attest to in September but l would say that if there was a plant to have in your garden as an amateur gardener this would be my choice

Red Robins and Bridal Wreaths

Red is my favourite colour and so are the leaves of the Photinia fraseri plant. Photinia’s also known as red robin are quite unusual because from what I know and remember they retain their redness throughout the year. They actually start out as green leaves but colour over time as the leaves mature. Photinia’s provide…