See the beauty in the common

It’s been over a month since I published an article on my blog and it’s not been due to lack of material, but insufficient free time to craft my words properly . This particular one has been in draft form for a few weeks now as I’ve had a very hectic work and home life and also been involved in organising three events in a short time. Earlier in the month my garden looked like it was in limbo. The best of spring flowers were fading, while most summer plants had not yet started to flower with the exception of geraniums and begonia plants.

Begonia in flower (June 2016)

To be honest these past weeks have been more overdrive mode for me as I tried to cease any free moment I got to do a ‘zillion’ tasks in the garden. When I’m in the garden I actually feel less stressed, despite knowing there are umpteen tasks to do I rather feel motivated and inspired. I can shut out work deadlines, the ironing and laundry tasks and the never ending tasks around the house and just do things in my own time and at my own pace. No deadlines. If I miss the planting timeframe well so what? The world doesn’t come to an end. A hobby on my terms and I’m glad for that.

Oriental poppy(ladybird)

The long bank holiday weekend provided me with a fantastic opportunity to also visit the garden centre. True to form, I always head for the clearance section to see what finds I could discover. And a bargain was what I got in the end (some oriental poppies, a camellia plant to name a few) at an absolute give away price. I was well chuffed and have managed to plant them all when the weather improved later on that week. I’ve also spent sometime doing some weeding and sowing some sweet pea and sunflower seeds in tiny pots

These last few weeks I’ve been reminded that taking time to just observe what goes on around us provides one with the opportunity to witness much beauty . It’s really hard to slow down because our lives are so busy and my daughter is teaching me a great deal about appreciating the mundane. After watching an episode of ‘Bing’ on CBeebies she has become extremely interested in blowing dandelion. Anyone who knows a bit about plants will appreciate that this just serves to spread the weeds further afield to other lawns including your own. But the joy on her face and absolute delight in finding, picking and blowing dandelions is worth gold. She was indeed sorely disappointed when the weather picked up and we were able to mow the lawn resulting in no more dandelions to pick. I took a picture before the lawn was cut and was really surprised to notice that even this weed was pretty.

What must it be like for a child to see everything and anything for the first time and wonder? To not take anything for granted but to appreciate beauty in the mundane. Children remind us to laugh, to love and to live. Oh to be like a child and see the beauty in everything.


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  1. Yes, children are truly a blessing….


    1. gardenraf says:

      Indeed they are.

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