Summer is truly here


You know summer has arrived in the UK when the grass grows at an exponential rate, all around you see plants flowering and it doesn’t stop raining. While I cannot claim I have spent much time in the garden these last two weeks, it’s been amazing to see how much growth has taken place while I have been away.


My geraniums are coming to their own in the refurb section, the hostas flowers are also out albeit not much left of the leaves due to the snails and slugs having a feast with them. I have to admit defeat in my hostas challenge and move on to more achievable goals for the remainder of the year .Today I picked over 35 snails in the garden which is a record really for me. But then I felt guilty over the thought of destroying these pests, and why so ?  Probably because they were so many. Anyway I’ve committed that fantastic task to my husband to take care of for me


What’s amazing is the ability of water to bring life, to revive something that is dying.


And while the rain has allowed the slugs and snails to thrive much to my annoyance it has also helped my plants to survive and more importantly thrive especially as I’ve barely had a minute these past two weeks to give the plants any attention. We were in Wales just last week for a church rally and the theme was centred around being revived, refreshed and renewed.


That’s what water can do in a garden especially when the weather is hot.


While the best time to water plants is either in the mornings or evenings , I spent a bit of this afternoon watering the plants and enjoying the sunshine. And why not? Afterall summer is truly here.



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