My friend Rose

As August draws to a close I couldn't help pondering on how time flies. Of course it would not be complete without at least another blog about Roses as they are mostly at their best in August. But August is also the month my friend Rose died nine years ago.┬áHer name was actually Rosemary but … Continue reading My friend Rose


The thing about Grace

My first visit to a walled garden was four years ago. Since then I have relished any opportunity to visit them especially during summer. Not too far from where I live we have probably one of the finest walled rose gardens in the country called the Wynward Hall Rose Garden. Last Saturday I went with … Continue reading The thing about Grace

Some of my favourite things

This past weekend while I was doing a few jobs around the garden I started thinking about what my next blog should be about. Humming the sound of music tune to myself ' these are a few of my favourite things' it suddenly struck me. I could write about my favourite plants flowering right now … Continue reading Some of my favourite things