Some of my favourite things

This past weekend while I was doing a few jobs around the garden I started thinking about what my next blog should be about. Humming the sound of music tune to myself ‘ these are a few of my favourite things’ it suddenly struck me. I could write about my favourite plants flowering right now in my garden.

The first on my list will have to be Crocosmia also known as ‘lucifer’ though I do wish it didn’t have such a bad name as it is truly a beautiful plant. It actually produces plenty red and vibrant flowers this time of the year and with its tall shoots can give cover for any area of the garden. Originally there was just one plant in the garden and two summers ago I got a few more which have done brilliantly providing the much needed cover on one of my borders.


Next favourite this summer would be the lovely annual geraniums I have planted in my refurb area of the garden. I got a whole tray of about 80 or so for tenner. I’ve planted some and given some away and it’s been a joy to see people get joy from them. A shame these annual geraniums only last one year. The last time I attempted to plant perennial geraniums they did very badly, I decided not to repeat that anytime soon.


July would not be complete without the budliea flowering. I love this vivacious plant although it literally takes over the part of the garden it is in for a lot of reasons. It attracts so many butterflies and has also got a lovely scent from its beautiful cluster of purple flowers. There are many varieties and colours but I love this purple variety best.



And then of course I’d have to choose the dahlia plants I planted in pots in spring this year. What’s been really satisfying to watch has been how the plant from small plugs when I purchased it has grown and grown. Another exciting thing for me has been to see the different colours of flowers that it has produced as there were no labels on the plants indicating the colours of flowers when I purchased them.

Dahlia Plants

Interestingly, all of these plants are fairly easy to manage requiring just watering. The budliea can be trimmed once the flowers have faded just on the flower stalk and require a hard prune in very early spring( March) the following year to allow new shoots and leaves to grow.

I’d have to mention a plant which at the moment I’m not sure if I love or hate. It’s the Hemerocalus or Lilly. Although it has very beautiful and delicate yellow orange flowers it does last long and shrivels and become distinctly ugly. When most flowers fade they often do it with grace but this plants’ flowers don’t. Plus, it’s leaves serve as a refuge for snails which I detest.


Unfortunately two of these Hemerocalus are planted beside my Hosta plants and therefore the snails simply shelter on the leaves of the hermerocalus during the day and make their way leisurely to the hostas on an evening. You can read more about my Hosta challenge or disaster here. Anyway I think the jury is out on that plant making it to my favourite plants list of summer 2016

So my passing thought is this, if you had to choose one plant as your favourite this summer. What would it be?


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