The thing about Grace

My first visit to a walled garden was four years ago. Since then I have relished any opportunity to visit them especially during summer. Not too far from where I live we have probably one of the finest walled rose gardens in the country called the Wynward Hall Rose Garden.image

Last Saturday I went with my family to the gardens. This was my second visit and it was just wonderful to walk in between the rose beds and enjoy the perfume of the flowers. Interestingly, the garden has over 135 varieties of roses and is reported to be one of the largest collection of roses in England. I enjoyed taking photographs and seeing my daughter run around the many plants which were not exquisitely roses I might add.

image The combination of other plants help to balance it out and adds another dimension to the garden.image

My favourite was the Princess Alexandra of Kent because of it’s pretty pink petal and it’s very strong perfume. Any one who appreciates the smell of flowers will love this Rose.

Princess Alexandria of Kent

The Lady of Shallot Rose with its orange flower petals are also a beauty. There is something about orange flowers that set them apart from most colours. Maybe because traditionally orange is known to come from a mix of red and yellow, the flowers just seem to be a combination of two really great colours. Although ,I can think of one person on the political scene whose similarity with the colour orange is a bit off putting, I’ll say no more about the colour orange.

Lady of Shallot

Another of the roses I enjoyed looking and taking photographs of is the LD Braithwaite. I can’t claim to know anything about this rose specie but I was drawn to its deep red colour because my favourite colour is red.

LD Braithwaite

The Molineux Rose also got my attention with its lovely yellow petals and faint but nice perfume of its flowers.


I thought there were so many interesting names attributed to the roses at this garden and one that caught my eye was called Grace.


I can only imagine it was named after the cultivator and its name got me pondering about Grace. Some people have described grace has unmerited favour, others have used the letters as an acronym to the phrase God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. I’m just reminded of the verse “but by the Grace of God…..” . And you know that’s the thing about grace, it’s undeserved, unmerited but freely given. It is what I know I have felt throughout my life so far, it’s what makes me come to God time and time again , after I may not have lived for him as I should. It’s what makes me know he is my Heavenly Father and can help whenever I’m in need. It is what makes me know that I’m saved and going to heaven not because of what I can do or have done but just because of the fact that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice that I could never achieve . So while I didn’t think I’d be seeing a rose called Grace when I went to the Wynward Hall Rose Gardens and writing about this, I’m thankful. And really that’s the thing about Grace, it makes you thankful.


Note: All the roses are not from my garden.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice, grateful for God’s grace. Beautiful place too.


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