A Plant Lovers Paradise

I’ve just been on holiday to Tenerife, one of the beautiful islands in the canaries and for the most part it’s been great. We stayed in the Costa Adeje area, one of the more popular regions and tourist destinations. I’ve been fascinated with the diversity of plants found on the island and I think it’s without a doubt a must see for anyone with an interest in plants. I didn’t go there for the plants though, I went for the sun, the beach, the attractions and to spend some much needed time to unwind with my family. As early as the first day we arrived I began to take note of the many beautiful plants that dot most of the island. Interestingly, a combination of flowers predominantly grown for their aesthetic value by the hotels and centres of interest in order to beautify the island from a tourism perspective and also a great variety of evergreens plants.

I was puzzled as to how the plants seemed to look ever green as it hardly ever rains in Tenerife, one of the reasons it is so popular as a Tourist destination but more especially in the south of the island where we were staying. By observation, I soon noticed that most flower beds had pipes lining them or near by with sprinklers. I can only surmise that the plants are watered either early in the morning or later on in the day when it’s coolest as I never actually observed them in use. Although the word ‘cool’ is rather relative , as on one of the days while in Tenerife the temperatures read 27 degrees celsius in the evening. I guess the plants are very hardy and heat resistance to be able survive those high temperatures . I also think the plants probably also have a degree of drought resistance

Interestingly I noticed so many colours of Hibscus while and can again only surmise that this is one plant that thrives well in hot conditions.

I was also fascinated with the many types of cacti that grow on the island. They do not all appear to have been planted deliberately in all the places I noticed them but seem to grow naturally on the barren volcanic landscape Tenerife is synonymous with. I was super impressed with the cacti diversity and the beauty of flowers some produce.

I scoured places to see if they had any books on local flowers to no avail, even visiting a garden centre much to my husband’s amusement. However I did enjoy taking photos of so many plants. There is so much to see and on a trip to the north of the Island just after Santa Cruz I kept wishing I was one of those photographers with a super powerful camera who could stop by the side of the high way to capture the best photographs. Tenerife is indeed a paradise to be experienced for any plant lover out there. I’ve made a gallery of some of the plants I saw. I hope you enjoy seeing them as I did.

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