For the Record

I don’t have a great record with house plants I must confess. I am guilty of killing off so many. In all honesty I’m too embarrassed to admit the actual numbers of hose plants that have suffered a demise under me. One example is the peace lilies we had in our living room. They were there before I got married and moved into the home with my husband. Everything was fine till after my daughter was born and started crawling. In the bid to clear out any potential hazard or thing that might interest a curious eight month old , we moved the plants to another room which didn’t get much light and was rarely used. This meant I completely forgot about it and the peace lilies did not get watered and so eventually died.

Then there were the African Violets I got given as a gift during a sad period in my life. They survived perched in pots on my kitchen window sill till they suffered the same fate as the peace lily. Another example of my poor record with house plants were the Christmas cactuses which also succumbed after not being watered sufficiently. . I’ve actually also had several orchids that have not done well following the first year I acquired them. I have not had much luck either with cyclamens. I seem to either overwater them, or keep them in a place which is too warm or not enough bright light.

Even with all my disasters with house plants this is not stopping me from buying and trying again. I guess to put things in perspective it has not been all bad. I have had a few triumphs you might say with my beautiful indoor geraniums.


Ivy Geranium Blanche Roche

They have flowered and re-flowered time and time again all throughout this summer after I repotted them early this year. To be candid it’s probably because they gave been so neglected in terms of watering frequency in the past that they have become so resilient. Not a treatment I would recommend however for anyone wanting to start keeping house plants.

Geranium Designer White

I have now acquired or rather should say was given three cyclamens on Sunday. I’m determined to do well with them this time around. I’ve put two of the cyclamens in pots by my doorstep as they like cold weather and I’m going to try and see if the third fares well in a cold room in the house.


House plants are a must though I think for any household. Sometimes the easiest are those which don’t produce flowers and are evergreen or have coloured foliage. House plants have many benefits such as purifying the air and increasing the levels of oxygen in your home as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as a bi product. They also have aesthetic value have been reported to promote positive mental health with people. So regardless of whatever house plant you choose its a worthy investment for your home. I can’t really give much advice on indoor plants as I have a poor record with them except to say follow the instructions on the label and keep trying no matter how many disasters you experience. After all so many of the greatest people in history had to fail, indeed multiple times before they succeeded and triumphed. No matter the record, don’t give up and keep trying.


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