Basket, Boxes and Presents

This blog entry is coming a bit later than anticipated so I’ve had to tweak it slightly from my earlier version. The thing is I’ve had a bag of bulbs & corms for close to two months now and haven’t had the time to actually pot them up. I eventually got around to planting them mid-december so they could start sprouting in time for Christmas, as I thought they might make good Christmas presents. In actual fact, I failed in that regard as I planted them too late and was unable to give them away as Christmas presents. I’m hoping they’ll make better ‘New Year’ presents instead. Time is one thing that seems fly by much more as I get older, and this becomes so much more obvious at the end or beginning of the year.

Hyacinth bulbs

December in the UK always brings with it rather dull and grey days, beckoning the arrival of winter but also the promise of Christmas. At this time so many are frazzled with the chore of buying Christmas presents for relatives, and planning their Christmas day. Who sits where? What do we serve and when do eat? Or even how do we manage the day without literally killing each other or upsetting the apple cart? It shouldn’t be like that though. I on the other hand tried not to think too much about it and in the meantime I’ve started to reflect on the year that has so quickly flown by.

I really love the many plants that are available at this time of the year. From Christmas cactuses, cyclamens, poinsettias, ivy’s, holly, amaryllis, paper white narcissi, one is spoilt for choice surprisingly. I especially love Poinsettias, their deep red leafy flowers are super impressive and last for the whole of December and well into early January. They are best kept in a cool but not draughty place in the house, with light but not direct sunshine. Poinsettias can be a bit tricky to keep but well worth trying because they are an iconic Christmas plant and can be gift idea or even just to cheer up your living room.

Poinsettia in a garden center

I had an amaryllis plant about 2 years ago do quite well but sadly thereafter it refused to flower. I could not part with it so I saved it and I hoped to try and resurrect it late last year. I’m learning as I get older not to give up easily but keep trying. I knew it was a bit of a far stretch for this plant but sometimes miracles happen. Unfortunately, this feeble attempt at resurrection didn’t work so like the most of the Christmas wrapping paper it has ended in the bin. If you are a gardener, potted plants/bulbs are great presents at this time of the year. If you are adventurous you can plant yours rather than buying them as they will be far cheaper. A winter pot or basket on your doorstep is also an option if you don’t feel that magnanimous to share. However, whatever you decide to do either plant or buy you’ll feel the cheer.

As today is the second day of the new year, I feel it’s also a great time to think about what one realistically wants to achieve. Writing down goals is often helpful but whatever you decide, it’s important to make plans, and keep a record of sorts of those plans. Now I’m off to write down my own gardening goals, you should as well…..

                                    Happy New Year!!!!


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