The Crocs are here

Everywhere I have looked this week I have seen crocuses bursting out of the ground with vivid colours. I have seen blue, cream, yellow, white and purple ones and chances are that if you live in the UK you will have seen some too. I particularly love how this spring flowering plant comes in so many colours, and when different colours are planted together looks like a splatter of rainbow.

Crocuses March 2016

Towards the end of autumn last year my father in law decided he wanted to do a project with my three and a half year old daughter and got some crocus bulbs for her to plant.

She really enjoyed the experience planting it under directions from him and we all are quite pleased the crocuses have come up. I actually forgot about that project, with the pot left outside over the winter and only noticed it about three weeks ago. I believe there can be much pleasure gained from planting even for a little child and what’s better than to see it flower.

Faith’s crocus planter

The crocuses were placed in a cute piggy planter he bought for her and I’ve placed it at the front door step, a lovely welcome for visitors to our home. Right now apart from the snowdrops and crocuses flowering the garden on the surface appears bare but appearances can be deceiving. New life is springing forth everywhere, from the shoots of the daffodils and tulips emerging from the soil and pots I planted in October and November, to the buds forming on the canary rose. And there is the solitary creamy pink flower on the speckled Clematis ‘Freckles’ cirrhosa and surprising purple heather flowering in a sheltered corner.

Crocuses usher in spring , warmer weather, colour and renewed hope and the lesson to be learned from them and this time of the year is simple- look carefully, you’ll be surprised what you find.


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