Flowers for Mothers

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and it’s a day usually associated  with the tradition of giving one’s mother flowers, at least in the UK and in North America.  Some people opt to give a traditional bouquet of flowers to their mother which may include flowers like carnations or roses while others prefer to give potted plants. I am slightly more in favour of the latter but would never turn my nose at a bouquet. I love flowers regardless of what form they come in. While I’m not equating mothers to flowers the similarities exist in one sense. Flower can brighten dull and dark spots in a garden. A drab room can easily be transformed by just a vase of cut flowers placed on the window sill or on a table. Flowers are delicate and give out a lovely fragrance. A bit like mothers in some respects and that’s where the similarities end I’d say. Because, that is not all most mothers are about. In contrast , mothers are strong, resilient, reliable, more like a well established oak tree. They are there when we are born, giving us life and whenever we need them. A mothers love is unparalleled, unconditional and unrelenting. It’s pretty hard to imagine a world where mothers didn’t exist. I was not surprised to hear that mothers  get thanked at the Academy Awards(Oscars) more than any other person. They do a tremendous job for their children and families and fully deserve all the accolades they get. Sadly not everyone has the benefit of having their mother there to show their love and thank them for the sacrifices they have made. For them it’s a bitter sweet day especially if they are mothers themselves. This post is especially for them.


In Autumn last year I potted up some hyacinth bulbs. I had planned to give some to my friends for Christmas. That didn’t quite work so I left them under a garden bench all winter with some cover. I feared they would not flower as apparently I didn’t leave them under cover long enough. I need not have feared as the flowers have started emerging and the fragrance from the flowers are divine. All I just did last week was to bring them indoors into some warmth , but placed them in a corner where they would still get sunshine.


I have enjoyed giving some of my friends that live near me a pot each so they can also enjoy the hyacinth as well, a little mothers’ day gesture. Hyacinths bulbs are pretty easy to plant, but as I’ve learnt they need a few additional things to ensure they flower. I’ll do an article in the autumn on how to plant hyacinths so watch out for that.



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