When disaster strikes


When disaster strikes it is usually happens when you least expect. Here is an exaggerated version of whhappened to me. A few Sundays ago, three weeks to be precise,  I was spending some much needed quality time with my daughter in our living room when I heard a loud bang. I looked outside to see if I could find the source of the noise and discovered that the wind had knocked down my mini green house. My attempt to salvage it was futile though as all the soil in the little pots had got mixed together, broad beans intertwined with chilli and tomatoes seedlings . On reflection, the vegetable seedlings were not fairing great anyway as I had neglected them for a few weeks, partly because I was abroad but more importantly due to lack of time. So with great disappointment I had to throw away all the seedlings, save for the kale which I managed to salvage.

Kale (April 2017)

I just need  to give the Kale much needed attention which I still haven’t done. It still needs to be transplanted into a bigger pot and fed with some plant food. At least it is getting watered now that it is out of the mini green house. Having it rain a couple of times since then has been a blessing. Obviously this isn’t a real disaster, the world hasn’t come to an end or anything like that. It just means my dreams of growing multiple veggies will have to wait for a bit.

Pepper plant ( May 2017)

At least I’ve still got Kale, my pepper plant from last year which has grown again much to my surprise and some potatoes in a grow bag.

Potatoes (May 2017)

Actually things aren’t always as bad as they first appear.


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