I currently live in Teesside in the North East of England, and love gardening.


I enjoy seeing the flowers bloom in my garden and especially after tending to the plants over a long period. My favorite plants are daffodils, canary rose, tulips and roses. My favorite seasons are spring and autumn and I particularly love taking nature photographs. For me gardening is relaxing , it’s an opportunity to let go off anxiety and stress and create something beautiful. I decided to start blogging about my  gardening experiences in 2016 and hopefully offer a honest view of  the highs, lows  many new gardeners like me may experience. Prepare to laugh at my antics as I navigate the world of gardening . This blog is how I share my views on my gardening techniques and faux paid and what has worked for me.

All pictures I use on my blog are from my garden except otherwise stated.


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