Hostas Challenge

Last year I had a hostas disaster with the snails and slugs having a feast of them. I had decided to be very nature friendly and avoid using slug pellets to dissuade the slugs. Turns out that was a mistake as I’ve never seen so many holes in leaves as I had did with my hostas. A few times I tried to go and pick up any snails /slugs hiding under the leaves and in one go I had collected over 25. Unfortunately I had to destroy them in a less than humane way so apologies to any snail enthusiasts. For anyone who wondered snails and slugs are classed as pests and can wreck havoc to many crops and plants in the garden.

On a visit to the a Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh in 2015 I noticed how free from holes their hosta leaves were. A stark contrast to mine! Not being able to help myself, I approached one of the gardeners and asked what the secret was. Pellets he said. So this year I’ve gone back to using this. It’s my battle for supremacy and I’ve got   in early just as the leaves have started to come up. I’ve also added a layer of gravel

Week 2

Here are the hostas just after the 2nd aplication of slug pellets.

Week 4

After much attention I’m afraid the hostas got a it overlooked, so an emergency application of slug pellets was done.

Week 6

But also seems that was not enough as I’ve been away from the garden for three weeks and the rain hasn’t stopped hence the slugs and snails have had a feast.

Here is the disaster, I guess next year I’ll have to do better

Week 8

At least the flowers have been saved from the onslaught from the snails and slugs

Flowers of the Hosta plant