When disaster strikes

When disaster strikes it is usually happens when you least expect. Here is an exaggerated version of whhappened to me. A few Sundays ago, three weeks to be precise,  I was spending some much needed quality time with my daughter in our living room when I heard a loud bang. I looked outside to see … Continue reading When disaster strikes


Life is Short

Late in March this year I was shocked and saddened to hear about the sudden passing of a university course mate. I still don’t have any clear answers to how and why she died but nevertheless her death shook me to the core and served as a rude reminder that life is short. She was … Continue reading Life is Short

Flowers for Mothers

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and it's a day usually associated  with the tradition of giving one's mother flowers, at least in the UK and in North America.  Some people opt to give a traditional bouquet of flowers to their mother which may include flowers like carnations or roses while others prefer to give potted plants. … Continue reading Flowers for Mothers

The Colours of Spring

It is pretty hard not to feel cheery with all of the colours of spring around us now. Daffodils are probably the best example of what spring is about.

The Crocs are here

Everywhere I have looked this week I have seen crocuses bursting out of the ground with vivid colours. I have seen blue, cream, yellow, white and purple ones and chances are that if you live in the UK you will have seen some too. I particularly love how this spring flowering plant comes in so … Continue reading The Crocs are here


I absolutely love snowdrops, they are usually the first bulbs that show up at the beginning of the year, towards the end of bleak winter heralding spring by brightening hedges, lawns or gardens. I often marvel at how such a delicate plant manages to survive and break through the hard, sodden winter soil to yield … Continue reading Snowdrops

The Top Ten Mistakes Novice Gardeners Make(Part 2)

6. Spacing. Some plants can cope with being in a crowded spot in your garden while some like a lot of room to spread their roots and stems. Sometimes new gardeners fall into the trap of  under or over proportioning , and think that putting a plant that needs a lot of space in a … Continue reading The Top Ten Mistakes Novice Gardeners Make(Part 2)

Basket, Boxes and Presents

This blog entry is coming a bit later than anticipated so I’ve had to tweak it slightly from my earlier version. The thing is I’ve had a bag of bulbs & corms for close to two months now and haven’t had the time to actually pot them up. I eventually got around to planting them … Continue reading Basket, Boxes and Presents

The Top Ten Mistakes Novice Gardeners Make

1. Planting in the wrong soil type This is probably the most important thing to remember but one which many new gardeners overlook. Plant any plant in the wrong type of soil and you are likely to kill the plant or stunt its growth. There are generally three types of soil with slight variations in … Continue reading The Top Ten Mistakes Novice Gardeners Make

The Old Scotsman

I've always been fascinated each time I visit to see what the front garden looks like. Something of interest is always growing and this October was no different. There are beautiful cyclamens dotting the doorstep in pots, as well as begonias, bushes of fuschia, climbing roses on the wall, clematis Tangutica and a whole host of other plants.