For the Record

I don't have a great record with house plants I must confess. I am guilty of killing off so many. In all honesty I'm too embarrassed to admit the actual numbers of hose plants that have suffered a demise under me. One example is the peace lilies we had in our living room. They were … Continue reading For the Record


A Plant Lovers Paradise

I've just been on holiday to Tenerife, one of the beautiful islands in the canaries and for the most part it's been great. We stayed in the Costa Adeje area, one of the more popular regions and tourist destinations. I've been fascinated with the diversity of plants found on the island and I think it's … Continue reading A Plant Lovers Paradise

My Pepper Plant!

I never pegged myself as the type to grow any type of vegetable. But maybe I should not be surprised with the way my love for all things gardening is increasing these days. Anyway, I didn't plan to grow a pepper plant but came upon the opportunity by chance in the most unlikely of places, … Continue reading My Pepper Plant!

Memories of Hibscus

My earliest memories of the hibiscus plant as a child was probably when I was about five or six years old. I can only remember snippets of my life before then as most would agree when it comes to early childhood memories. Growing up, at least one neighbour if not more had the red Hibscus … Continue reading Memories of Hibscus

My friend Rose

As August draws to a close I couldn't help pondering on how time flies. Of course it would not be complete without at least another blog about Roses as they are mostly at their best in August. But August is also the month my friend Rose died nine years ago.┬áHer name was actually Rosemary but … Continue reading My friend Rose

The thing about Grace

My first visit to a walled garden was four years ago. Since then I have relished any opportunity to visit them especially during summer. Not too far from where I live we have probably one of the finest walled rose gardens in the country called the Wynward Hall Rose Garden. Last Saturday I went with … Continue reading The thing about Grace